Market Street Corridor

The Market Street Corridor project includes roadway reconstruction with curb, concrete median, concrete sidewalk, and landscape area from Bayway Drive to W. Sterling Avenue.

WHY is the project needed: The purpose is to facilitate mobility for anticipated population growth in Harris County and enhance safety for the traveling public. The project is needed to increase capacity due to population growth in the region and to mitigate flooding along the corridor.

HOW LONG will the project take: This project is in the design phase. 

WHO is paying for this project: The total project cost estimate is $13,848,000. Harris County and the City of Baytown are joint funders. Harris County is funding $6,224,000; the City of Baytown is funding $7,624,000.

WHAT are the project improvements exactly: New two-way roadway with 4 - 6 ft. medians, 4 - 8 ft. should, new curbs, and 6 ft. and 12 ft. sidewalks.