Respect. Accountability. Pride. (RAP)

The R.A.P. program encourages transformative and successful growth by providing educational and service opportunities for youth to become contributing members of society.

The Baytown Municipal Court RAP Community Service program is an alternative sentencing program for juvenile offenders supervised by the Juvenile Case Manager. The program allows juveniles to perform community service to satisfy fines and court costs for violations in the Baytown Municipal Court of Record.

RAP Community Services meets two Saturdays per month for six (6) hours, unless otherwise noted by the Juvenile Case Manager. Drop off and pick up each day at the Baytown Municipal Court, unless otherwise noted. Juveniles are expected to be present for the entire day. Credit will not be awarded if a juvenile is late or leaves early.

The total number of hours to be completed will be ordered by the Judge. Each day of RAP is worth six (6) hours of credit. Additional credit may be awarded at the discretion of the Juvenile Case Manager.

Juveniles are not allowed to utilize RAP for charges filed in other courts.

Please visit the calendar below for the current RAP schedule.

RAP Calendar