FB_IMG_1504144068062Job Description, Characteristics, and Opportunities

The primary responsibility of all uniform firefighters is to protect the lives and property of the people of the City of Baytown, by responding to their emergencies in a quick and efficient manner, and to provide top quality customer service. 

Effectively fulfilling the duties of a Baytown Firefighter requires the employment of a broad range of skills while under stress and sometimes in hazardous environments. The ability to appropriately respond to each situation is crucial, requiring keen observation, good communication, rational thinking and, if an incident demands it, the ability to physically remove another person from a life hazard.

While no written description can encompass the many skills necessary to resolve every challenge a firefighter paramedic may face, the job description (PDF) document is useful in providing a starting point for understanding what firefighter paramedics may be expected to do.  

In addition to the Operations Division, the Baytown Fire Department has many challenging and diverse assignments that are available to firefighters. 

Firefighters have the opportunity to be assigned to the Regional Hazardous Materials Team, Regional Structural Collapse and Technical Rescue Team, Training Division, Emergency Management, and Fire Prevention and Baytown Educational Action Team (BEAT Alley) Fire Education.