Baytown Trails


Trail Length Walk Time Bike Time
Blue Heron Park Trail 1.2 mi 24 min 12 min
Crockett Trail Connection 2.2 mi 44 min 22 min
Goose Creek Trail 5.7 mi 1 hr 54 min 57 min
Jenkins Park Cary Bayou Trail 1 mi 20 min 10 min
San Jacinto Trail 5.2 mi 1 hr 44 min 52 min

Jenkins Park Cary Bayou Trail

  1. Blue Heron
  2. Crockett Connection
  3. Goose Creek
  4. Cary Bayou
  5. San Jacinto

Blue Heron Park TrailThe Blue Heron Park Trail is approximately 1.2 miles long as it winds around Blue Heron Park and extends west towards Barkuloo Road. The trail runs along the perimeter of Blue Heron Park for 0.6 miles connecting to Barkuloo Road through an easement and loops back to Blue Heron Parkway. The Blue Heron Park Trail also connects to the Hutto portion of the Goose Creek Trail and Crockett Trail Connection. The Blue Heron Park Trail is accessible from the entrance to Blue Heron Park on Blue Heron Parkway, as well as from the intersection of Blue Heron Parkway and Barkuloo Road. It also connects to the residential subdivision to its immediate south through a neighborhood trailhead. The 0.6-mile section of Blue Heron Park Trail that circles the park offers walking and biking opportunities to Blue Heron Park visitors. The remaining one-half mile section of the trail offers views of a wooded area and residential subdivision, and connects residents of the area to an elementary school to the north of Blue Heron Parkway as well as to the Crockett and Goose Creek Trails to the west of Barkuloo Road.