Fee Schedule

Item Cost
Two-Story Burn Building $600.00 per day
Fire Behavior Prop $500.00 per day
Rescue Tower & Confined Space Prop $600.00 per day
Trench Rescue Prop $200.00 per day
Industrial Field Props Temporarily Unavailable
Indoor Classroom A (Stadium Seating) $200.00 per day
Indoor Classroom B $200.00 per day
Outdoor Classroom C $100.00 per day
Outdoor Classroom D $100.00 per day
Conference Room $100.00 per day
Instructor $750.00 per day
Field Safety Officer $750.00 per day
Ignition Officer $750.00 per day
Additional Personnel $750.00 per day
Logistics $750.00 per day/$75.00 per hour
OSB (Particle Board) Market Price
2x4x8 Lumber Market Price
SCBA Rental (Scott) When Available $50.00 per day (12 max. per day)
Burn Building Fuel Fee $150.00 per day
Smoke Fluid $35.00 per gallon
Propane Cost per gallon plus 20%
Training Foam Cost per gallon plus 15%
Rescue Randy $100.00 per day
*Cost per gallon updated weekly to reflect market price.  

Please contact the Fire Training Field directly to request a quote as fees are subject to change.

Additional information and rules for rental of the training facility:

  • A training field Release of Liability waiver will need to be signed by each student and instructor.
  • All members participating in live fire training must have proof of minimum required training as outlined in NFPA 1403. (A Fire Chief or Training Officer may sign attesting to the training or paperwork must be provided.)
  • All personal vehicles will park in the provided parking lot.
  • Approved instructors may be allowed to park close to the props for access to equipment. 
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If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at (281) 691-6712 or email us at BFDTraining@baytown.org.