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Municipal Court

  1. Change of Information

    Allows defendants to update the Court on new address.

  2. Letter of Representation Submission

    Allows attorneys to upload or submit a letter of representation.

  3. Request for Recording of Court Proceedings

    Allows defendants / attorneys submit Request for Recording of Court Proceedings

  4. Submit Feedback

    Allows defendants to submit feedback to the court

  1. Juror Reset/Exemption Request

    A form to allow jurors to electronically submit their reset requests and exemptions.

  2. Request for an Interpreter

    Allows defendants / attorneys submit Interpreter requests.

  3. Submit a Tip to the City Marshals

    Allows citizens submit tips to the City of Baytown Marshals

  4. Witness Subpoena Request

    Allows defendants / attorneys submit Witness Subpoena Requests.